Jonathan Toews Crashes Mercedes into a Pole!?!?

Holy moly did I read this article right?  Jonathan Toews drove his Mercedes into an “L” support pole this morning?!?!  Who cleared him to drive with a concussion? (And yes, a concussion was the “upper body injury” Toews was/is suffering from.)  It couldn’t have been the weather.  It didn’t start to rain/snow/get slick until early afternoon.  Oh my!

Unbelievably fans at the scene were trying to get autographs while authorities waited for the ambulance that would take Toews to the hospital!  What’s wrong with people??? (Although, note to the Blackhawks’ Marketing Department: This is what happens when your superstar stops doing regular autograph signings and regular appearances.)

The good news is that much-needed defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson is back in the line-up tonight against the Dallas Stars! (Missed ya Jelly!)  Thankfully there will finally be someone to block shots and screen.  Now can fans see how vital Hjalmarsson is?  Good.  Then no longer should I hear fans say they don’t know who Hjalmarsson is or what he does!

I’m glad to see Hjalmarsson’s fellow Swede, Marcus Kruger, start coming into his own as well.  Kruger was +2 (including a goal) for the game against the Red Wings on February 21st and had 3 takeaways and 1 blocked shot.  Dare I say it?  Is Kruger becoming an end-to-end, “all around” forward?  Now Kruger just needs to work on his faceoff win percentage which tends to lag around 33%. (Against the Red Wings, Kruger only won 3 of 9 faceoffs, but that was still better than Patrick Kane who won 0, that’s zero, of his 4 faceoffs.)

Hopefully, the Blackhawks can keep up their mini-streak against the Stars tonight.  Win it for Tazer boys!

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